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About the Authors
Quoteland.com was founded by David B. Borenstein, with the partnership of Adam L. Lewis.

David Borenstein

David Borenstein (b. 1983) founded Quoteland.com in 1998. Originally dubbed "The Land of Quotes," Borenstein's original interest was to try his hand at web publishing. Within a few months, Quoteland was enjoying considerable traffic. Borenstein bought a domain name and contracted an ad agent, and the adventure had begun.

In 1999, Borenstein partnered with childhood friend Adam Lewis. Together, they developed Quoteland into a formidable online reference resource. Quoteland's cross-referencing system has since been emulated by countless other research-oriented websites. Lewis redeveloped the software that powered Quoteland.com, making vast improvements in efficiency, security and user-friendliness.

Late in that year, Lewis and Borenstein developed GiftofWisdom.com. In partnership with Awards International, Inc., Quoteland was now able to offer custom gifts featuring the quotations from its library. That year, they filed for incorporation: Quoteland.com, Inc. had been born.

In 2001, Awards International acquired Quoteland.com and its daughter site, GiftofWisdom.com, so that Borenstein and Lewis could focus their attention on college. Since then, Quoteland has been curated and maintained by American Eagle, Inc..

David Borenstein resigned as administrator June 22, 2004 and was replaced by Jon Houge (thenostromo), a very active and respected member of the discussion groups.

About the founders

David Borenstein

David Borenstein is an undergraduate at Brandeis University, in Waltham, MA. He previously attended Bennington College and the Beaver Country Day School. Borenstein is a philosophy major and a women's studies minor, with an emphasis on existential and religious philosophies. Although no longer affiliated with the Quoteland.com "mother site," Borenstein remains the administrator of the Quoteland.com forums.

After selling Quoteland, Borenstein has devoted himself to community action. Borenstein spent February of 2002 building houses at the H.O.M.E. cooperative in Maine, and that summer he volunteered as a senior counellor at the Bird Street Community Center in Dorchester, Massachusetts. In 2003, he taught English and basic computer skills in rural India.

Borenstein has been featured in several publications for his work in Quoteland and the high-tech industry. Media references include Wired magazine, the Boston Globe, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Mass High Tech and alt.media.watch, an online technology journal.

David Borenstein works in computational genomics at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He attended Brandeis University, where he studied philosophy and religion. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, he divides his free time between volunteer work, bicycling and cooking.

Borenstein has been featured in several publications for his work on Quoteland and the high-tech industry, including Wired magazine, Discover Magazine, the Boston Globe and Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis has been programming computers since the age of nine. Today, he majors in computer science at the Worcester Polytechnical Institute. In addition to his work on Quoteland, Lewis has created numerous databases. Lewis developed a project management system for the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a comprehensive corporate management database for the Mississipi Foods Corporation.

Lewis is now the Chief Executive Officer for Assignment Line, an independent data management service for K-12 schools. Founded in 2003, Assignment Line already has multiple contracts and has attracted the interest of major school networks.

Jon Houge

The current administrator:

Jon Houge (member name "thenostromo") joined Quoteland's discussion groups in the year 2000 and has proven to be a champion for the cause of learning and research to which Quoteland is dedicated. A very active and dedicated member, Jon became a friend of David Borenstein through this participation and was the only choice to replace him when David moved on. Mr. Houge is actively involved in adding quotations to Quoteland's database and also reviews the quotations that are submitted for consideration.

Jon Houge has been in the field of Biomedical Engineering for over 30 years.

As of May 2007 he is currently a Technical Systems Administrator at Gunderson-Lutheran Medical Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.


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