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Engrave this Quote Children look for grown-ups to show them how to live;
When we try to fool them, they see through us like a sieve.
We recognize the problem now; that's wonderful to see;
The answer may well plague us 'til new values come to be.
Volunteers are wonderful and will help to meet the need,
But we must change the literature on which our children feed.
We must teach and model absolutes of love, and justice, too;
Prove to them that what we say, is just what we will do.
There is one book, and it alone, will help attain success.
It is the book, our fathers brought, to tame this wilderness.
They used the Bible as their guide, the written Word of God;
And found the wisdom written there, the greatest on this sod.
Whether it was in the home, in public, or in school,
The bible was the blueprint that became their greatest tool.
Let's trash the recent literature before it is too late;
Teach again, the basic values, that made our nation great.
Surely it is evident, without a single doubt,
That truth and right mus be invoked to help our children out.
So, let's scour all the nation, and get folks to volunteer
That believe the principles our precious kids should hear.
If they are dependable, and use the proper tact,
Volunteers can help to get our children back on track.
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-Harry H. Silvis, from Volunteers

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