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Engrave this Quote Every step in the dark turns out in the end to have been on course after all.
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-John Tarrant, Bring Me The Rhinoceros: and Other Koans to Bring You Joy (p 79)
Engrave this Quote So, the darkness in life appears immediately when we sit down to do zazen because immediately we'll find out that our best intentions to do zazen well don't come off. Usually we don't do zazen quite as well as we want to. And we also find out a curious thing that even when we are very sincere, unbidden thoughts arise, unbidden feelings. Things come out of nowhere that we had no intention of summoning. And usually we spend some time fighting with these. I certainly did. A lot of time fighting with these. And I think some fighting can be good because we can feel our strength and our sincerity, but in the long run you just feed the demon when you fight it. You give it energy. In the long run what happens is that if we just attend, things settle. In that way, I think, we go into the poison. We darken the darkness.
Zazen: a particular kind of meditation, unique to Zenhttp://www.dharmaweb.org/index.php/Poison_and_Joy_John_Tarrant,_Roshi
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-John Tarrant, Poison and Joy

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