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Gloria Babb
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Engrave this Quote Toys tossed on the floor
Hand prints on the wall
Slamming of the door
And footsteps down the hall

Boxes made into towers
Covers turned into tents
Voices get a lil' louder
Guide lines get a lil' bent

Boxes now go untouched
Covers in a folded pile
Silence never was so much
Guide lines never been n' awhile

Did we waste our time a way
We once had back then
Never taking time to play
To 'oft we walked right past them

Now they're grown and gone
The house stands still and neat
Only memories left to carry on
Oh, how our hearts do often weep

Would we change time if we could?
Would we play a bigger part?
Did we get too wrapped up in the world?
For now we're left with just
Memories of the heart.
-Gloria Babb, MEMORIES OF THE HEART Tell a Friend


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