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William Osler
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Engrave this Quote Breathes there a man with soul so dead that it does not glow at the thought of what the men of his blood have done and suffered to make his country what it is? There is room, plenty of room, for proper pride of land and birth. What I inveigh against is a cursed spirit of intolerance, conceived in distrust and bred in ignorance, that makes the mental attitude perennially antagonistic, even bitterly antagonistic, to everything foreign, that subordinates everywhere the race to the nation, forgetting the higher claims of human brotherhood.
-William Osler, Chauvinism in Medicine Address given to the Canadian Medical Association, Montreal, Canada. Reprinted in Aequanimitas, with Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses, and Practitioners of Medicine. Birmingham, AL: Classics of Medicine Library; 1987, September 17, 1902 Tell a Friend


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